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Chromatron 2
Chromatron 3: Geometry
Chromatron 4: Less is Not More

Four puzzle games involving laser beams and mirrors. Free.


Free puzzle games for Windows/Linux, released Feb 2013 & Jun 2014. Promesst and Promesst 2 downloads.

Miscellaneous Games

HOVALAAG - an assembly-language programming game (Sep 2020)

Dungeon Miner - a short in-browser puzzle game (Oct 2013)

dude, u r bein' sneaky - a short in-browser puzzle game (Oct 2013)

modality - a tiny puzzle browser game (Oct 2013)

PROMESST - puzzle game for Windows/Linux (Feb 2013)

map generators for Ace of Spades (May 2011)

Succor - cerebral "shooter" (Jun 2009)

Elf Treetop City - Dwarf Fortress parody (Jul 2008)

Lost in the Static - exploratory platformer (Nov 2007)

Beat it! music shooter (Nov 2006 - Indie Game Jam 4)

(Although I participated in Indie Game Jam 3 in 2005, I didn't create a game since I was on tech support.)

Bootlooter (video) (March 2004 - Indie Game Jam 2)

Supermodel Shootout (and also a trivial "Pong" - March 2003 - Indie Game Jam 1)

Very Serious RoboDOOM (March 2002 - Indie Game Jam 0)

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